Vinyl sheet 10cm x 10cm (0.1 ft2), 0.3mm thick

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Diisononyl phthalate (DINP)

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Best plasticizer known to humanity.

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Best plasticizer for inflatable toys known to humanity.

For personal use only.

 Do not let this product on your skin. If it did, wash it off immediately  with soap.

Once the plasticizer fully soaked in, it is not present on the surface in the free form anymore, unless it leeches back out which is visible, less likely to happen with phthalate plasticizers, and doesn’t happen if the vinyl is under tension(the toy is inflated).

For the understanding of the softening process, see the video:



I want to know how to use DINP or ATBC

DINP is the easiest to work with: with ATBC you can do it like this only if the toy doesn’t have painted areas, otherwise you have to do pour ATBC to the insides through the valve and put the seams at risk. Although the highest quality paint such as screen print from Jetsonic can handle direct ATBC application.

What benefits does it have if I applied it to my inflatables?

The main reason for application I would say is the maintenance: keep the soft indefinitely. Although I softened every single Intex toy from the stiff era I had, because they were ridiculously stiff.

I always use DINP – it makes toys not only soft but bouncy, and becoming softer while being able to stay in the same size, not deform much even with the heavy bouncing is supreme.

Is it toxic?

Once the plasticizer is inside the vinyl, it has no presence outside whatsoever and it doesn’t evaporate. Only way it can appear on the surface if it leeches back which is visible and doesn’t happen while the toy is fully inflated.

So you say that if I use DINP it will make my inflatable super soft and the material will last longer and won’t puncture easily?

You can make your inflatable very soft with DINP indeed, but has nothing to do with puncture resistance. Although if you oversoften it with ATBC the vinyl will start tearing apart under stress.

Is the ATBC is more harmful to inflatables than the DINP?

ATBC IS harmful for them. Although keep in mind that some inflatables are made from ATBC based vinyl, and if you want to keep them in the original shape then ATBC is your choice.

Any plasticizing weakens the pinch seams, so you want to avoid applying it to the seams directly.

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