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Jet Creations

Aims to create the highest quality inflatables out there and keep having them in stock!
Highest quality evidently implies having: double seams, silk screen printing, and at least 0.4mm thick vinyl with deliberately picked softness, elasticity/bouncy haracteristics.
The only issue that keeps them from being perfect all around is avoiding phthalates and therefore having leechy vinyl like everyone else, though they claim to be working on this issue.
Jet Creations strives to provide the highest quality there is and therefore errors such as bad seam welds made during the manufacturing process tend to be viewed for what they are rather than the norm.
The designes of the toys are always well thgough out with the seam placements, and separate chambers where they needed makes them so much stronger.
Web site:
They might seem to be the same as the upper one, as the manufacture is the same, however they are very different.
Puffypaws doesn't have stock and if you want to hop on board, you have wait untill there is a preorder, and then wait for the toy to be made.
Their newly introduced designs tend to have not addressed or thought of design flaws that show up during the first run.
After so many years in the business they haven't given a single though towards switching to a better phthalate based kind of vinyl .
Web site:


ICF, WNS, Horseplay toys, etc.
Since Jet Creations is closed for the outsiders, Jetsonic is the place to go if you want to make the highest quality inflatables.
It is the only manufacture in the world that you can approach as an outsider and get double seams for your squeaks. Double seams are the strongest but only if welded properly. The quality of course comes at a price, yet it is not so consistent. Jetsonic used to be the manufacture for Jet Creations. There is no progess to be expected from Jetsonic. Double seams is the best tech, however their vinyl is non-phthalate and usually is the same everywhere, and they refuse to work with the bigger sheets anymore. Some of the makers, like Horseplay Toys do not have all of their toys made by Jetsonic, only the strongest inflatables in their collections are.


blue dragon
This is the next best choice for your own custom project if you can't afford Jetsonic. They make toys on demand, and do not have stock. It is much cheaper if you do not want to make a run and need just a one toy.
Unlike most Chinese manufactures they have a skilled team of designers, and are fluent in English.
Their works are considered second best after Jetsonic, this includes: paint, seams, and shape furbishing. Although they tend to put a lot of unnecessary seams on their toys, so you need to specify this part when you are ordering from them.
All their inflatables made with an overlapping seams technique.
Besides single toys, they also do the bulk orders to lover the per unit cost, Candy Coated Kink is one such company that works with them.


They were the very first to openly offer making custom inflatables on demand.
Hongyi could've been named the second best after Jetsonic if not for their inconsistent paint quality - sometimes their paint is the worst there is and comes off from a simple contant with water. Otherwise their overlapping seams are very strong and often are stronger than that comes from Jetsonic due to their low error rate, and they understand pooltoy seam placements well. Twice a year, at the beginning of the summer and very late in the autumn they offer free shipping for a couple of weeks for everything they sell and make, so if you wait for such a sale, this becomes the cheapest way to get yourself a custom made inflatable, but beware of the vinyl thickness! Although they tend to charge inadequatly if you ask for something unusual, it is better to buy what they already have as if you want to introduce a new toy don't expect it to be that you had in mind.
Also keep in mind that they have zero respect for the itellectual property rights, so any design you send them to make may end up on their sales page.


inflatableworld cheetah shiny
Inflatableworld is the entry step to the custom toys market.
Their toys have pinched seams and are no stronger than the regular stuff at the local general store. And although they try to raise that bar with strategically placed reinforcements, their vinyl of choice is very hard to make strong seams with. What makes them to stand out is the toys sizes and the outstanding designs made by the community artists.
Their vinyl is very soft, but lacks elasticity.
Despite aiming to be a mass production venue, the whole stock of their most desired toys tend to sell out within a few weeks after the restock. So most of the time their toys are not availible to purchase, don't miss out when they are back on sale!
And to make matters worse they constantly changing manufactures which extends the waiting time further. Because no one is able to consistently make strong inflatables without the mistakes with such a vinyl.

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