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Jet Creations

Aims to create the highest quality inflatables out there and keep having them in stock!
Highest quality evidently implies having: double seams, silk screen printing, and at least 0.4mm thick vinyl with deliberately picked softness, elasticity/bouncy haracteristics.
The only issue that keeps them from being perfect all around is avoiding phthalates and therefore having leechy vinyl like everyone else, though they claim to be working on this issue.
Jet Creations strives to provide the highest quality there is and therefore errors such as bad seam welds made during the manufacturing process tend to be viewed for what they are rather than the norm.
The designes of the toys are always well thgough out with the seam placements, and separate chambers where they needed makes them so much stronger.
Web site:
They might seem to be the same as the upper one, as the manufacture is the same, however they are very different.
Puffypaws doesn't have stock and if you want to hop on board, you have wait untill there is a preorder, and then wait for the toy to be made.
Their newly introduced designs tend to have not addressed or thought of design flaws that show up during the first run.
After so many years in the business they haven't given a single though towards switching to a better phthalate based kind of vinyl .
Web site:

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